A bit more about my approach

You’ve arrived at  the home of Martha Johnson’s alter ego, the Kick in the Pants Coach.  I wanted to provide a bit of background information on my approach to journey guidance and clarity consulting. After perusing these three pages, you’ll better understand my philosophy of support.

Here we go!

One part of my coach personality creates safe space for you to contemplate what matters to you, your dreams and goals, your blocks and barriers,  your intentions with all of it and your initial path forward. I listen deeply and ask you questions you may never have heard yourself answer.

In addition,  another part of my coach personality can become your partner in taking action.  Getting clear on what you want is one part of the equation; actually making it happen is another.

  • I fiercely believe in your possibilities.
  • I strongly invite you to be accountable to your intentions.
  • I acknowledge the courage always required to make changes and move in new directions.
  • I help you craft small steps,  create and meet deadlines for yourself.
  • I celebrate your willingness to get off the dime– and to deal with the items on your Dream List or To Do List that have nagged at you for far too long.

Together we make things happen.